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HeadquartersMilan, Italy

Key people

Andrea Zambon (Chairman & Managing Director), Renato Jacopetti (General Mgr - Anfatis North), Luigi Maschio (General Mgr - Anfatis Center-South), Giacinta Mercurio (Head - Admin & Treasury), Vanessa Laginestra (Group Controller)
Productsover-the-counter drugs, dermocosmetics, medical devices, phytochemical, health products,
Revenue € 43.15 million (2012 - consolidated)

Operating income


Net income

Total assets€ 21.8 million (2012 - consolidated)
Total equity € 1.8 million (2012 - consolidated)

Number of employees

89 (whole group)
DivisionsSales, Logistics, Financial Services
SubsidiariesPiemont-Farm Srl,Jacopetti Farmaceutici SrL, Venos Srl, Della santa Vasco eredi Srl, Pharmatre SpA, Saf Srl,

Anfatis SpA (;) is the holding company of a group of 6 Italian distributors (Concessionari) which sell, distribute and deliver pharmaceuticals products to +8,000 pharmacies. Founded in Italy in 2004, it is headquartered in Milan.[1]


2004: Anfatis SpA was founded in Milan, Italy, following a business idea and a business plan conceived and produced by Antonio Carrari, a long-term pharma business expert, and Silvio Conforti, a financial advisor.

2005: Beginning of the acquisition plan. Jacopetti Farmaceutici Srl and Jacopetti Commerciale Srl are acquired in Padua; SAF Srl and Marpur Srl are acquired in Bari; Elifarm Srl is acquired in Catania.

2006: Della Santa Vasco Eredi Srl is acquired in Florence; Piemont-Farm Srl is acquired in Turin; Venos Srl is acquired in Bologna.

2007: Pharmatre SpA, a Foligno, Perugia, based distributor and producer, is the last acquisition to be added to the group.

2010: Kjos SpA, an Italian private equity firm, becomes the majority shareholder and the driver of a new plan.

2011: Kjos, the majority shareholder, together with Anfatis management define and design an integration plan.

2012: In August 2012 Jacopetti Commerciale Srl is merged into Jacopetti Farmaceutici Srl; in December 2012 Elifarm Srl and Marpur Srl are merged into SAF Srl.

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